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Artist in Residence

Beauty Revealed (1828) by Sarah Goodridge

In 2021 we started our artist-in-residence program to promote the exchange between art and science. We enjoy collaborating with different artists and designers and it has long been a dream of Renée to turn this into a more structural activity.

Rosa Schogt, artist in residence 2021

Rosa Schogt (Amsterdam 1980, BA at UvA 2003) is a poet, editor and actress. In 2019, she gave birth to her well received poetry debut ‘Dansen te ontspringen’ (Arbeiderspers) and to twin boys. Since then, she has been looking for a way to turn motherhood into poetry, carefully avoiding being sentimental about it. A scientific approach will help her to accomplish this journey.
Many of Rosa’s poems are about sexual freedom, and how female sexuality is often moralized in society. Her new book will be about the physical changes that the female body undergoes during womanhood and pregnancy. Breasts will lie at the heart of this collection of poems. Growing and shrinking breasts, in puberty or during lactation, breasts that can kill a woman, but also biblical breasts: where else does blood turn into something you can actually feed multiple people with? And she is really looking forward to an inspiring look through the microscope and discovering what mammary cells look like under a cover slip or in a petri dish.

Interested in becoming our next artist in residence?

It is our goal to embed one new artist in our lab for a period of 6-12 months every calendar year. We aim to offer an inspiring environment - the rest is up to the artist.

Are you an author, poet, screenwriter, theater artist, sculptor, painter or do you self-identify as another form of artist we have failed to mention? Do you think you might be interested in becoming our next artist in residence? Then go ahead and contact for more information.