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We are hiring! See the vacancy for a technician below.


At present we do not have any open (i.e. funded) postdoc positions.

Interested candidates bringing - or applying for - their own funding (such as MSCA-IF, EMBO or HFSP postdoctoral fellowships) can contact . In this case, please include your CV and a specific motivation and brief description of the research line you would like to work on.

PhD students

Thanks to the award of an NWO-XL grant (coordinator: Hendrik Marks, RU) we will be recruiting one new PhD student in the upcoming months to work on developmental signaling (Wnt, Bmp, Nodal) in gastruloids as a 3D in vitro model for early mammalian embryonic development. All vacancies will be announced on and processed via the UvA website (opening early in 2023), but please feel free to contact or if you think you may be interested.


As part of our NWO-XL consortium grant "From random state to robust fate: Defining cellular states that are responsive to inductive signaling in early mammalian development" we are looking for a technician to help set up the 3D in vitro gastruloid model for early embryonic development. This is a 2-year position (0.8 FTE), shared between our group and the lab of Tineke Lenstra at the NKI.
Please find the official vacancy here (on the UvA website) or here (Academic Transfer).

Note that all applications need to be submitted via the link on the vacancy websites in order for them to end up in the system. Applications received via e-mail cannot be processed.
The vacancy closes on 4 December, with the first interviews scheduled soon after.
Feel free to contact or for more information.


All of our internship positions for 2022-2023 are filled. We will be hosting 2 BSc and 3 MSc students in the wetlab this year.
Thanks to all students who applied this year - unfortunately we don't have space to accept all of you.

For students interested in joining us in the future, our research internship selection procedure and policies are as follows:

- We always aim for the best match between ongoing research projects in the lab, available supervisors, different students, and mutual interests. Moreover, we strive for a mix between BSc and MSc students.
- The maximum number of students we can host at any one time is determined by the available bench space and supervision. Typically, this means that we have max. 5 positions available each academic year.
- In the past, we have always had more interest from students than we had spots available (we typically receive more than 20 applications), which is why we usually meet with all students and make our selection for the upcoming internship season (January-August) in late October or early November.
- You can always contact or at an earlier time to add your name to the list of interested candidates. Please make sure your first e-mail is complete: include an up to date CV and a short motivation for why you are interested to work with us.
- Everything else being equal, we will give preference to students from the University of Amsterdam and, if needed, to students from programs/tracks/courses that the lab is actively involved in.

Note that we also have smaller or larger internship projects for the more computationally inclined:

- We have some bioinformatics and image analysis projects (and questions/problems) that are well suited for students from the MSc Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (collaboration with dr. Marten Postma) or the MSc major Big Biomedical Data Analysis (collaboration with dr. Martijs Jonker).
- For these students, a second supervisor with the relevant bioinformatics or image data analysis expertise will be sought.
- Interested? Then contact .