Van Amerongen Lab                    Stem cell and Cancer Biology

Section of Molecular Cytology     -     Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences     -     University of Amsterdam



At present we do not have any open (i.e. funded) positions. Interested candidates bringing their own funding (such as EMBO or HFSP postdoctoral fellowships) can always contact .

PhD students

Currently we have no open vacancies.


MSc students interested in performing their internship can check out the page with research opportunities for students or contact .

Please note that space is limited: we can host a maximum of 4-5 students at any one time. In the past few years, spots for 1st year MSc students have tended to fill up rapidly - it is always easier to place 2nd year MSc students who have already gained a bit more experience. So also consider us for your final internship!