Van Amerongen lab

Section of Molecular Cytology     -     Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences     -     University of Amsterdam

Things we like

Our PhD #happyplace, new PI #tenuretracks and #tenuredtracks Spotify playlists:

Tips and tricks

Presentation tools

- The LiveSlides plugin
(for easy breezy embedding of videos and other webpage related content in Keynote and/or Powerpoint presentations)
- The free PollEverywhere plugin
(for getting real-time feedback from your audience. Great for instant feedback from students in class!)
- Smart Servier Medical Art
(for a free, downloadable file of Powerpoint ready image components that you can use to draw your own pathways/protein/DNA complexes etc.)

Bioinformatics, Data and Image analysis tools

- Plots of Data
(an app developed by our colleagues Joachim Goedhart and Marten Postma that plots data and statistics to allow comparison of different experimental conditions)

Our favorite resources

- Amazing drawings of human breast anatomy
(on the anatomy of the breast, by Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 1840)

And finally...

... this remains one of the best songs ever written about biology: